Artificial intelligence for nondestructive testing

Compare your skills with AI in game where you need to analyse magnetic channel defectoscopy results.


Artificial intelligence more efficient than humans:

50% less price in compare with specialists!

Work 24/7

Fast adapting to work with any devices

Real time data processing

Minimize human factor risks


where to apply AI for nondestructive testing

Gas & Oil

Air & space

Energy generation

Metallurgy manufacturing


BID developing stages in nondestructive testing:

Working prototype

  • Magnetic defectoscopy
  • Ultrasonic defectoscopy

  • Testing process

  • Infrared / Thermal control
  • Visual / Optical
  • Radiation monitoring

  • Development stage

  • Vibro-acoustic
  • Eddy current control
  • Offer

    For distributors and manufacturers:
    Integration in your harware Development of common software and hardware systems Profitable conditions for distributors

    For costomers:
    Free pilot project Licensing software Data processing services

    4 Easy steps to start using oru AI solutions in your business

    Prepare training sets

    Configuration of the system to work with your data.

    Improving first results

    Start business processes to teach AI by monitoring real time specialists work, without work process interrupting.

    AI and human collaboration

    Configuration of the system to work in help mode. It can independently check work results, increase work process speed and minimize risks.

    Full automatisation

    Calculating real profit and global integration AI in nondestructive testing processes.

    Our Projects

    We are not only working with non destructive testing data processing.
    Below are some of other exciting technology projects we are working on:


    We are using AI to recognize video streams and count points in different games, such as darts, tennis, and basketball.
    It can also automatically edit video to remove pauses, timeouts, and repeated instant replays.


    Cancer detection software uses AI to analyse x-ray images to indicate tumors.


    Our software analyzes customer demographics and behavior to allow stores to more efficiently schedule their workers. The AI also detects how long customers spend in a particular area of the store to provide insight into what people find most interesting.

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